I love a party, I love to cook, I have a converted Horse Box Trailer.

So brainstorming from there and I came up with The Trough Horse Box Bar and Amazing Grazing @ The Trough.

The lovely Trough Horse Box is used for two differing, if complimentary, functions.

In the main, The Trough is a Horse Box Bar, stocked fridges beneath the countertops, ready to serve up great drinks & fun at private events, weddings & parties.

Friendly & efficient Bar service is so key to a party going with a swing! The Trough will become the focal point of any social gathering and help to create the unique ambience you would love your guests to take away as their lasting memory (drink responsibly…) of your event.

We stock both locally sourced drinks from fellow members of New Forest Marque, and other areas of Hampshire, along side well recognised Premium brands for your guests to enjoy.

If there is a specific drinks list you would like to offer, just let us know. That is the joy of hiring in a mobile bar for your event, we can tailor everything to suit your theme & taste.

The love of cooking comes to life as Amazing Grazing @ The Trough – the aim being “food you’ll be glad you’ve eaten”. There are only so many meals, but soooo many flavours out there, it is worth eating well and enjoying it.

Outdoor event catering doesn’t have to a deep fried…these Scotch eggs are oven baked and served with our own Apple Chutney

Amazing Grazing aims to combine vibrant, fresh flavours, simply prepared, and wonderful to eat. We offer event catering for outdoor events, such as Riding Clubs, & our Campsite Curry Nights during the Summer months around the New Forest, and also weekly deliveries of workday lunches of Super Soups, all filling, tasty & good for you, but don’t let that put you off!

Catch up soon, Team Trough xx

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